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Welcome to Guns Gym

There is No Better Time to Get Fit Then Now

Guns Gym is founded to celebrate strength, power and health. In Guns Gym we mold those who are once weak into a better and stronger version of themselves.

With our professional trainer, heavy sophisticated weight, motivating feels yet comfort training ground, anyone, literally, anyone can grow to reach their maximum potential.

Guns Gym didn't stand on our own. Every successful nexus of health and fitness must have a strong partner to provide us with the best product to better serve our clients. Guns Gym are proud to partner with these fellow brands :

Our Gym


Ruko Fajar Indah Permata 2 Blok A1 No.1A Jalan Baturan - Karanganyar


Ruko Garuda Square (Depan Balai Desa Gonilan)



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Who We Are

Gunawan Wibisono, SE. MM

Owner & CEO

Ir. A. Sadono Julianto MM

Investor & Commisary


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